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Western Mass Neurology is a new and independent general neurology practice.

We also provide consultative services to Mercy Medical Center and Baystate Medical Center.
We serve as clinical instructors to University of Massachusetts medical students and Baystate Medical Center residents.
We manage most neurological condition including but not limited to:
-Stroke and cerebrovascular disease
-Headaches including migraine, muscular, tension-type, cluster, mixed
-Dementia including Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders
-Movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, tremor, dystonia
-Multiple sclerosis and demyelinating disease
-Spinal cord disorders
-Epilepsy and seizures
-Peripheral nerve, muscle diseases and disease of the autonomic nervous system
-Cerebral palsy
-Cerebellar ataxias and balance problems
-Neurological conditions associated with systemic medical diseases
-Gait disorders

Testing offered:
-EMG and nerve conduction testing
-Brainstem auditory
-Evoked response testing
-Autonomic testing
-Visual evoked response testing
-Lumbar Punctures, diagnostic and therapeutic
-Skin biopsy for intraepidermal nerve fiber counting in neuropathy

We take most insurance plans. Patients should call the office or your insurance carrier for more details.